Travel safely with Eastern Snow – Know your rights during Covid-19


We live in unusual times. Usually we have to worry about lack of snowfall, now we also have to deal with Covid-19. It’s difficult to get an overview of insurance in general and rights in particular in connection with the Covid-19 situation. Here we try to cut through the noise as well as give you some extraordinary rights and opportunities to make it as safe as possible for you to order at Eastern Snow!

Freeride or your money back

Basically, there are only two scenarios. Either you go on a freeride adventure or you get a replacement trip or your money back. Of course, this does not apply if you yourself choose not to go.

Coverage at Rejsegarantifonden (The Travel Guarantee Fund)

Eastern Snow is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund and this means that you are covered financially should the unthinkable happen – that Eastern Snow goes bankrupt. If you are traveling at the time of bankruptcy, the Travel Guarantee Fund will arrange home transport and if you have not left, you will be reimbursed for what you have paid for your trip (this does not apply to any insurance). This also applies to non-Danes. The coverage only applies to package tours, for which all Eastern Snow’s journeys meet the criteria. The Covid-19 situations in Denmark and at travel destinations don’t change this.

Changed conditions or authority recommendations

If Eastern Snow – for whatever reason – chooses not to complete the trip, then you are entitled to a refund, but you can also choose to receive a replacement trip. If a destination turns red during the trip, ie. the authorities advise against all travel, the Travel Guarantee Fund will make sure that you get home. Follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel guides here.

Extraordinary right of cancellation

To make you feel extra safe when you book your ski trip with Eastern Snow, we have introduced a FREE AND RISK-FREE CANCELLATION. Therefore, you can safely and calmly book your ski trip now, because if you regret it, you are free to cancel before November 1, 2020, and get your money back. You do not have to have a reason; you can get your money back. Period.

Equally extraordinary rebooking option

If you become unsure after 1 November, we offer that you can rebook to a later week and possibly up to two weeks before departure, also at another destination. The value of the trip is regulated accordingly.

What about travel insurance?

The short version is REMEMBER the insurance! If you don’t have annual travel insurance, then you have to take out separate insurance. And remember to check if your travel insurance covers expenses in regards to Covid-19.

Just a comment on the plane ticket

We always recommend that you book a flight directly with the airline and never through some of the travel portals. The money you save isn’t worth the hassle in the event of minor and major changes to the flight ticket. Eastern Snow do not arrange flights and your flight ticket will therefore not be covered by the “package travel” guarantee, cf. above.

Call or write if in doubt. We are always ready!

Få ny powder

Tilmeld nyhedsbrevet nu

Get new powder


Eastern Snow has suspended all travel to Russian destinations due to the current crisis with Russia and Ukraine.

Accommodations in Travel safely with Eastern Snow – Know your rights during Covid-19

Travel safely with Eastern Snow – Know your rights during Covid-19 tour flow

Expectations of the trip

When booking the trip, one of our travel team members will contact you. Here we will match your expectations for the trip, to secure that you have all the information about the planned trip.

Payment of the trip

After payment for the trip has been received, we will send you an order confirmation, a packing list, and a program for the tour


We will keep you updated about the trip.



Safety brief

When we have reached our destination, you’ll receive a security briefing. We want to make sure that you have the best prerequisites to not get hurt when riding off-piste.

Daily experiences

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, we also arrange social events like going to the sauna, dinners and beers in the evening. These events are however decided by what kind of weather we’re exposed to.


We will assist you all the way. Our travel guide will bring you to one of the Airports and make sure you get safely back on your flight home.

We wish you a fantastic trip!

Contact us if you have additional questions!