Free ski / snowboard

Do you wanna come on a catski adventure? Then join us in Dragobrat in week 6 – If you book your trip this week, you’ll get either:


1) A free snowboard

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2) A pair of free skis

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Freeride in the East

Check out the last time we were in Western Siberia:


Freeride in the east with Eastern Snow is an adventure that goes outside the usual limits. A trip where groups as well as solo travelers gather around a common passion: Freeride in spectacular off-piste surroundings.

Whether the concept is Catski, Heliski or at a traditional ski resort, you are a part of a group of people who gather for one or more weeks around joint activities during the day and common meals in the evening. In our opinion, the experience is more fun with others and who knows, maybe it can lead to new friendships. True to our spirit of working outside the conventional framework our focus is on Freeride activity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We are paving the way for exploring a great Freeride potential in this part of the world. Freeride is certainly not new in Eastern Europe, but from a western perspective these destinations are unexplored.

Freeride is by no means a new concept in these areas. But from a Western perspective, the areas are relatively unexplored. We believe the time is ripe to show the way to the new freeride destinations.

Our destinations

In Japan, we chase the blizzards to catch the best Japow (Japanese powder) while combining it with cultural experiences and authentic restaurants.


You will find yourself in one of the most adventurous and scenic places in the world making your fresh powder turns from a helicopter!

North Macedonia

A great catski adventure! – Catski is all about taking you to those untouched places in a convenient way, so you get as much untracked terrain as possible during a week and much more than you can imagine compared to a resort stay.


The first destination is Dragobrat in Ukraine, deep in the Carpathian Mountains. The access to powder will be with the assistance of Catski’s. The price level is aimed at a the broad group of powder enthusiasts making it accessible for all.


The second destination is Kamchatka. The peninsula which is next to the Bering Sea in Russia. This is for those who commit wholeheartedly to Freeride with some experience and who are willing to pay for an extraordinary experience in an unforgettable setting. Powder access comes with modern and secure MI-8 Helicopters.

Lake Baikal

The third, new destination Lake Baikal,  is touring in Siberia. It’s raw, desolate, incredibly beautiful and it offers some of the absolute best ski touring. You’ll be a part of a small group which will be spoiled with experiences.


Our fourth, new destination Sochi, is well-known from the 2014 Winter Olympics, but most people likely don’t know that the ski resort can be used to gain access to hardcore off-piste. The combination of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea provides world class powder.

Western Siberia

On our fifth destination, you have the opportunity of going on a whole week of solid heliskiing or opting for a mixed week which offers both heliskiing and regular freeriding, just like we love it.

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Expectations of the trip

When booking the trip, one of our travel team members will contact you. Here we will match your expectations for the trip, to secure that you have all the information about the planned trip.

Payment of the trip

After payment for the trip has been received, we will send you an order confirmation, a packing list, and a program for the tour


We will keep you updated about the trip.



Safety brief

When we have reached our destination, you’ll receive a security briefing. We want to make sure that you have the best prerequisites to not get hurt when riding off-piste.

Daily experiences

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, we also arrange social events like going to the sauna, dinners and beers in the evening. These events are however decided by what kind of weather we’re exposed to.


We will assist you all the way. Our travel guide will bring you to one of the Airports and make sure you get safely back on your flight home.

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