Easternsnow has emerged from two veterans in the ski & snowboard environment, with more than 60 years of combined experience behind them, they have been on almost all continents, where traces of snow can be found. We were in the backcountry when it was just known as off-piste well before the concept of Freeride was found.

We see that travelers within this segment have become more individualists. Several have turned away from the predictable commercial Alp trips and are looking for something more authentic and rawer, where you can explore new cultures, while at the same time getting an exclusive ski & board experiences. Here at Easternsnow we have seen a need for this type of skier & snowboarder to link up with others with the same interest to create new contacts with the shared passion for powder.

Personally, we found that many of the Eastern European countries including Russia, are quite underexposed in the Freeride world. Several of the sites have enormous potential for breathtaking Freeride experiences. Our guests are not the typical charter tourists as they are open-minded to new ways of skiing. However, it is not at the expense of comfort, but just alternative way to do it. It’s part of the adventure to seek and find what we all want, a slice of World-class powder.





He has always been explorative outside the traditional framework. For 30+ years Morten has pushed it to the edge at 250+ ski destinations. Morten is now a major force in opening up Ukraine and the yet unexplored Freeride Mecca Dragobat as destinations.

Morten has a strong network in Russia and Ukraine. Morten is the former coach for female Alpine team in DK and traveled around with the Alpine Worldcup. He worked for several years as a ski photographer for companies like Peak Performance and The Swedish skimagazine Åka Skidor.

Morten has been involved in the start-up of a heliski company in Greenland. Morten is the founder of the personal development company Banff People and has for 20 years arranged courses throughout the world for small and large groups.

Contact – Tel: +4527224002



With his half-Norwegian blood, for him the mountains and the snow have been an important element since his childhood. For the same reason, he was one of the earliest pioneers of Freeride.

Early on he was exploring outside the mainstream destinations. As a Skier back in the 70s, he had his first season in Aspen in the mid 80’s and joined in when the establishment started to take snowboarding seriously in the US and Europe. He has hunted unperturbed powder on virtually all continents on both ski & board.

Tony has been Freeriding in the US, Canada, Japan and the Alps. Heliski in Russia, Catski in Ukraine and Balkan area. He is in love with the Heliski concept in Kamchatka, as it cannot be compared to anything else out there. Now, Tony is living as Freerider more than ever after his children have grown up.

Contact: +4529878813


Family Guy

Locked to a wheelchair for parts of his childhood, fun in the snow was limited to reading about the polar scientists. For the same reason, cross-country skiing was the primary snow playground for Peter in his teenage years. The big climax was a three-week ski expedition across Greenland in the tracks of Fjidtjof Nansen.

Peter started his alpine career chosen sent, men are blessed with two brothers who are both telemark instructors. For the past few years, ski touring (randonee) has become the big passion.

He is currently building his refugium (ski lodge) in the cross-country mecca of Skei, Norway. Peter has a long business career bag in A.P. Moller Maersk, McKinsey & Co. and DONG Energy. Most recently, Peter has helped build AniCura, and one of the world’s leading groups of veterinary clinics.



The high mountains, the deep snow, the adventures and life on the edge were all something that Daniel met as an 18-year-old. Ever since it was all about alpine mountaineering, ice climbing, cave climbing, boat rafting, body rafting, scuba diving and many other wildlife challenges for many years. Toddlers changed the way of life to a more normal pace. Since skiing have become more child friendly the family holidays involves deep snow.

Daniel works as a business developer and serial entrepreneur. He invests in companies – and is and has been co-owner of several companies throughout his 25-year business career.



Marina originally from Ukraine, speaks fluent Russian. She is the coordinator and our communicator to the destinations. She is critical for the organization.

Marina is specially trained in traveler organization and thus has a very systematic and effective approach to planning and coordinating the destinations. Marina has lived in Copenhagen for the past 12 years.



Local Coordinator

Some years ago he decided to leave his typical office life to live out his dream about making skiing his vocation. It was a decision he has definitely not regretted, since it has given him the opportunity to ski in some of the best places of the world, meet incredible people and experience new cultures.

After having skied all over the world, he decided to coordinate ski trips to share the amazing moments with others, and to see the light in the eyes of the people he brings.



Graduate student in political communication and leadership at CBS and marketing manager

Already as a six year-old, Frederikke got acquainted with the Italian trails, where the blue slope was enough of a challenge, but her father helped her down the mountain safe and sound. Since then, she has frequently enjoyed skiing with friends and family in France, Austria, Norway among others.



Marketing Student Assistant

As a child, he was introduced to the world of skiing during a family trip to Norway, and now he thrives on a pair of skis and has gone to most of the European mountains on his own.

At Eastern Snow he helps out with marketing.


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