The situation in Ukraine


Eastern Snow has suspended all travel to Russian destinations due to the current crisis with Russia and Ukraine. Eastern Snow is awaiting future trips to Russia until the current crisis is clarified.

We are very saddened by the current situation for Ukraine and hope for a better situation for the Ukrainian people in the near future. Eastern Snow is following the situation closely and feels for our good partners and not least the Ukrainians.

We want to continue with Catski travel to Dragobrat as soon as this is possible.

Thus, under the special situation, Eastern Snow wants to continue selling Catski travel until next season in 2023 with the following conditions.

By purchasing a Catski trip to Dragobrat in the 2023 season, ES will donate 300 Euro of the profits to Ukraine for aid of reconstruction. By purchasing a Catski trip to Dragobrat in the 2023 season, ES will donate 300 Euro of the profits to Ukraine for aid of reconstruction. You are deductible on the 300 Euro. If the trip cannot be completed due to the crisis should not be resolved, we offer to convert the trip to Catski in Northern Macedonia within the same time period.

Eastern Snow wants to support Ukraine in this way and is of course grateful that you as a traveler support the concept.

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Accommodations in The situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine tour flow

Expectations of the trip

When booking the trip, one of our travel team members will contact you. Here we will match your expectations for the trip, to secure that you have all the information about the planned trip.

Payment of the trip

After payment for the trip has been received, we will send you an order confirmation, a packing list, and a program for the tour


We will keep you updated about the trip.



Safety brief

When we have reached our destination, you’ll receive a security briefing. We want to make sure that you have the best prerequisites to not get hurt when riding off-piste.

Daily experiences

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, we also arrange social events like going to the sauna, dinners and beers in the evening. These events are however decided by what kind of weather we’re exposed to.


We will assist you all the way. Our travel guide will bring you to one of the Airports and make sure you get safely back on your flight home.

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