Travel insurance


On trips outside of Denmark, The Faraoe Islands, Greenland, EU/EEA and Switzerland, the yellow health insurance card and the blue EU health insurance card aren’t valid. A private travel insurance is necessary if there is an accident.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and embassies of your country will not be able to help you with covering the cost of eg. hospital visits, medical help or repatriation.

At Eastern Snow, we require that all customers have a travel insurance that covers the cost of medical treatment and accidents as well as damaged or lost baggage. You can get more information about this by contacting us at

Separate ski travel insurance

It’s important to make sure that the travel insurance covers the relevant activity. The various insurance companies typically denote freeride as an extreme sport or dangerous sport. When it comes to skiing, you can’t always be sure that this is enough, since certain insurance companies require you to take out a separate ski travel insurance, or buy a ski travel addition to an existing insurance. We always recommend our customers to check up on whether or not the specific travel and activity is covered by the insurance.

Cancellation insurance

For many, it’s often difficult to distinguish between a cancellation insurance and a travel insurance, but there is a difference. The cancellation insurance is only valid in situations that arise before the trip, where the travel insurance covers whatever might happen during the trip. The cancellation insurance is to be taken out when you order a trip or pay your deposit to Eastern Snow.

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