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Catski in Dragobrat

Here at Eastern Snow, we always put your safety first. We have many different initiatives that ensure that safety is always top notch, so you can enjoy your adventure in the snow. Here you can read how we take care of you and each other on our trips in the powder.

Safety equipment and routines

First and foremost, you as a participant must always bring safety equipment. This includes a backpack with a shovel, probe and beeper, respectively. However, this safety equipment can be borrowed from us. At some of the destinations it is further required to bring an Airbag, but we will have you covered if it becomes necessary. Before we go skiing for the first time, we will review the use of shovel, probe and beeper so that all participants are familiar with the equipment. Every morning we will then check that the beeper works as it should, including both its function and battery level.

On the first evening at the destination, we will have a small introduction to good practice and skiing in the off-piste and avalanche-dangerous terrain. This ensures that all participants have the best prerequisites to be safe and familiar with the wild terrain.

Every morning, the weather conditions will be reviewed with the participants. This allows us to assess and map where there are the best opportunities for deep powder and also where we need to pay special attention. The different destinations have different parameters that need to be taken into account. For example, there are different points of attention when it comes to heliskiing in Kamchatka than catskiing in Dragobrat due to the terrain, the weather and of course the means of transport.


Skilled and experienced guides follow you all the way

Just as we do not want to compromise on safety, we do not compromise on our guides. We use both our own European certified guides and local guides. Our own mature guides take care of all the practicalities and make sure that you have a pleasant trip with the other guests. In addition to our own guides wanting to have fun with you, they are also all very experienced off-piste skiers and several of them have typically worked several seasons in the Alps as either ski instructors or ski guides. So they have thousands of freeride hours of experience. When we are on the mountain, we also use local mountain and tour guides, who help find the best slopes and guide us safely down the off-piste.

There will always be a guide who goes first and explores the conditions as well as a co-guide who forms the rear troop so that everyone gets safely down the mountain. Furthermore, there is a buddy system on all trips, which ensures that the guests also keep in touch with each other from time to time.

If you want further information about our safety procedures, safety equipment, guides or anything else, then you are always welcome to contact us.


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Accommodations in Safety first

Safety first tour flow

Expectations of the trip

When booking the trip, one of our travel team members will contact you. Here we will match your expectations for the trip, to secure that you have all the information about the planned trip.

Payment of the trip

After payment for the trip has been received, we will send you an order confirmation, a packing list, and a program for the tour


We will keep you updated about the trip.



Safety brief

When we have reached our destination, you’ll receive a security briefing. We want to make sure that you have the best prerequisites to not get hurt when riding off-piste.

Daily experiences

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, we also arrange social events like going to the sauna, dinners and beers in the evening. These events are however decided by what kind of weather we’re exposed to.


We will assist you all the way. Our travel guide will bring you to one of the Airports and make sure you get safely back on your flight home.

We wish you a fantastic trip!

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